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Nathan’s Projects from the Wood Pile

We have a dirty secret, a WT junk pile in the back yard. When we moved in the garage was filled with shelves made by 2x4s and plywood. There was no room for Nathan’s car hobby, so he set about taking everything down. It all ended up in the back yard under an overhang with other random junk we had. Luckily we have found some uses for some of the wood.

The first place the wood made an appearance was in the bathroom.


The bathroom is pretty humid and does not dry well, and Nathan decide the fan was not working well and that he should construct a new one, so he found some scraps and got to work.

He used and old curtain rod for the center, and used his super effective engineering tools to measure where the blades would go.

Color Scheme

Christy gave us a session with a color consultant as a house warming gift, and it was great. After living with white walls for so long I was a bit all over the place with my ideas. She helped me streamline my vision, pick what worked for the size of our house. Plus by picking the colors all at once they look great together.

Above you will see our colors laid out roughly where we have them in the house. We used Benjamin  Moore Aura paints, which are all no VOC. The colors look beautiful and is great not to have the paint smell in the house. Everything did take two coats, plus we used a primer since the old paint was pretty dark and/or shiny.

Top Row: Gentle Gray, bathroom: Warren Acres, small bedroom: Woodlawn Blue, our bedroom.

Middle Row: Soft pumpkin, kitchen wall: Appalachain Trail, living room & Hallway: Simply White, all trim, ceilings and top kitchen cabinets.

Bottom Row: La Paloma Gray, bottom kitchen cabinets: Violet Mist, office.


House Style Tray

I read that interior designers use a tray to hold all of their inspirations for a particular house, and I thought this little board would be a good place for me to combine some of the picture I have been collecting and see if I could create a cohesive look.

When originally choosing colors I felt like I was all over the place, I have always imagined using bold, bright and warm colors in my house, but our current house is to small to support such rich colors. Sorting through my pictures, however, I realized I settled on a color scheme that reflects what I have been collecting: Airy and vibrant colors that are accented with items constructed from natural materials.

I do not have links for everything but here is what I have:

Top Row: Left: Butaca Chair from Viva Terra Right: Hutton Washstand from Restoration Hardware

Middle Row: Zinc topped table from Apartment Therapy .  Hallway with picture rail from Apartment Therapy .

Bottom Row: Mosaic Floor.  Terracotta pots from West Elm.

That was a bad idea

It turns out many things in house projects do not mix. While many of these things are from ill-formed schemes, some of them are tried an true DIY techniques.

Aside from being a major pain, taping everything also occasionally takes paint and finish with it. At first I thought it was due to using a super sticky tape, but I soon found out that the less sticky tapes did the same.

Floor finish on tape. Oh no!

Surprisingly, most of what came-up with the tape was finish from our floor. I am pretty sure this has more to do with a poor floor refinishing job, and less with the tape. Well at least we are one step ahead in the process when we decide to refinish the floor. In order to minimize the amount of taping we needed to do in the rest of the house I used a Shur-Line  premium edger. The best $4 ever spent on a painting project. Lessons learned: Tape and bad refinishing jobs don’t mix, but good edgers are worth their weight in gold.

A worse combination than  tape and floor is a power sanders and plaster. Our bedroom has more funky fixes going on. Under one coat of paint we discovered a plaster wall that had not been primed. We thought it was a bit strange to use plaster for a new wall in this day and age, but decided to go with it.

Now I know what you will look like when you are gray

Not all of the paint would come off, and I decided to sand in hopes of feathering the paint to plaster boundary. Nathan also thought I should smooth out the plaster. Sanding an entire room by hand is pretty slow, and I am a bit lazy, so we decided to use our kick-ass power sander. While we were sanding the room go pretty dusty, so we pulled out the shop vac and turned it on to pull some of the dust out of the air. We stayed in the room until it was done. It was dusty. We were dusty. Worse yet, the every nook and cranny of the house was dusty. Many nooks are still dusty. I will get to them soon. Unfortunately we did not meet my weekend goal of getting paint on the wall, on account of having to clean the entire house (well enough so we could function) , but we are getting the paint on this week. Once this is done all of the walls in the house will be done! Excitement.

I am sure we will have more bad ideas to share soon.

Free Labor

The good thing about moving so close to family is being able to recruit family to help with ill planned projects.